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Startups, small businesses, agencies and later-stage companies love our authentic, flexible and experienced peeps. Share your community goals, we'll get to work. Create headspace so you can focus elsewhere.

The median salary for a community manager in the US is $52,150 a year*

CloudPeeps makes it accessible to build a community at a reasonable price without extra overheads. Our trusted peeps are deliverables-driven and offer more expertise than interns.

*Data from Payscale for San Francisco-based roles.

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The Flat Pack Plan $699/month

Social Media

We'll curate and share a set amount of posts across Twitter (up to 30/week), Facebook (up to 5/week) or another channel of your choice.


We'll produce one blog post per month. (You can always add-on more later.)

Community Extras

You'll get four general hours per month for moderation, user feedback, internal building or influencer engagement.


We'll have a 15-minute check-in call each week. At the end of the month, you'll also receive a deliverability report mapped on your community goals.

Want more? We have custom scoped plans that can be tailored for your exact needs.

Real people, trusted community professionals, great value

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“CloudPeeps makes it easy for cash-strapped startups to quickly and cost-effectively build a community and social media presence. Strong team, well-qualified "Peeps", and easy on-boarding. Our social engagement is way, way up.”

“CloudPeeps is helping Roomi with building community and lets us focus on our product while they manage everything for us. Very happy with the service and would recommend it to any founder who is wearing many hats at the same time.”

Our Team

Kate Kendall

Shala Burroughs

More happy customers say...

“CloudPeeps provides access to top quality, experienced community managers at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire. Quick to get started and very reliable service.”

“CloudPeep Charlotte is a core member of our team now and has completely taken in the brand voice and helped evolve it. Our process is not only streamlined, it's effortless. We couldn't be happier and cannot recommend CloudPeeps enough.”

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