adam n.

  • Joined January 2017

Product and design consultant, copywriter, and ad optimization expert. Specializing in SaaS and mobile gaming development and publishing.

  • Los Angeles, CA, United States
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adam n.
Los Angeles, CA, United States



My passion is seeking out that harmony between effective monetization solutions and engaging player experiences.. I'm here to bring my unique design, technical and business skillset into new development arenas, solve problems and hit milestones hard.

Work history

Head of Product
Director of entire product development cycle from pre-alpha to release to post-release. Coordinator of day to day operations for Engineering, QA, Marketing/UA, Community, Support and Art teams. Point person for all 3rd party client relationships
Product Manager
Worked daily with our client to define needs and spec new features. Held training sessions to demonstrate product features. Coordinated tasks and deadlines with engineering team for timely product implementation.
Meteor Games, LLC
Floor Lead
Managed Quality Assurance and Support responsibilities across the QA and Community departments.


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