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Professional inbound marketer and experienced freelancer. Core focus is Performance Media, Content Marketing, Analytics & SEO.

  • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Alex A.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



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Professional Inbound Marketer. Strong background in data-driven marketing, big focus on Analytics, SEO, Social media and Content Marketing (via SEO) and Performance Media: AdWords, Display, Facebook/Twitter Ads etc.

Work history

SEO, AdWords, Display Advertising and general Digital Marketing consulting
Working with the National Marketing team supporting Palace Cinemas primary chain of cinemas and various movie and film festivals and their associated online store.
SEO, AdWords, Content Marketing, Social Media & Digital Marketing consulting
Highly competitive environment in "police checks" for this client, with a customer base that converts quickly. Focus has been on ensuring strong, consistent brand presence, increasing confidence of first-time consumers and conversion optimisation.
SEO, AdWords, Content Marketing, Social Media & Digital Marketing consulting
B2B and B2B2C marketing challenge. Providing resellers with confidence to use my client as a wholesale supplier of solar and renewable energy supplies, and present my client as a trusted and reliable authority in the general marketplace.
SEO, Analytics and general Digital Marketing consulting
Internationally known sports apparel and shoe brand, with low profile in Australian market, looking to increase brand profile and grow ecommerce sales.
SEO, AdWords, Analytics and general Digital Marketing consulting
Not for profit arts management group working on slender budgets to drive awareness and ticket sales to event programs.
SEO, AdWords, Content Marketing, Social Media & Digital Marketing consulting
Not for profit business consulting group, driving awareness of programs, education course signups and ecommerce traffic through associated social enterprise supporting online store.
Content Marketing, Social Media, Analytics & Digital Marketing consulting
Focusing on supporting the City of Melbourne's "Green City" and "EcoCity Forum" initiatives, driving awareness of programs, uptake of solar panel rebates and other eco-friendly initiatives in the City of Melbourne.



Bachelor of Business (International Business) - 4 year degree - graduated.



SEO content marketing social media marketing Banner Advertising Social Ads Google AdWords Google Analytics Google Tag Manager


Google AdWords Google Analytics Excel Facebook Advertising Facebook Power Editor Twitter Advertising Wordpress AdWords Editor Gimp Unbounce Optimizely Hootsuite IFTTT zoho Google Tag Manager


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Industries I love

Advertising & Marketing Consumer Products Ecommerce

What I read

I'm a prolific reader of contemporary blog postings by a wide range of industry experts. I use a variety of Social Media tools to filter, refine and focus my readings to areas I work in professionally and industries I am interested in.

Side projects

I'm working on a side-project currently focusing on retail fashion store marketing.

Ideal team

Performance Media: I take primary responsibility, with direction and support from my clients. Fast pace. ROI focus.
SEO, Content, Social Media, Analytics: I often take the role of subject matter expert to support small teams. Long play. Multi-facted.