Alissa S.

  • Joined February 2015

I Tweet, I Insta, I Facebook, I Hashtag, I Blog. Social Media addict since 2004 with college skills: marketing/advertising/design/art!

  • New York City, NY, United States
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Alissa S.
New York City, NY, United States



In the business world I have worked many years in customer service and data entry. I was looking for something more creative since I have a background in Musical Theater and Art. So I became a freelance Social Media Manager/Consultant!


Seeking work


  • Available during business hours only


What I read

I love Terry Pratchett, Anne Rice, and Nail Gaiman novels. I peruse online sites like Buzzfeed, Hyperbole and a Half, and Humans of New York. Workwise, I follow BufferBlog/Business Insider. Lastly, I read news things like Gothamist, NYTimes, and NPR.

Side projects

I write sketches for my video blog, I write music, I sing in NYC cabarets, I act in indie films, I perform musicals, I sketch, I go to my friend's creative events, I host parties, and all around creative person!