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Allison Michelle Dienstman specializes in writing, blogging, and digital media marketing. With over six years experience as a professional

  • Easton, PA, USA
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Allison D.
Easton, PA, USA



With international work experience in business, sales, administrative, and customer service environments, Allison helps businesses expand their global reach and compete in an increasingly globalized market.

Work history

Freelance writer & marketing strategist
With over six years experience as a professional writer and marketing strategist, Allison helps businesses thrive through brand development, content writing, search engine optimization, website design and management, and social media campaigns.
Communications Manager
Creative leadership and execution of nonprofit organization’s brand image and content strategy Supervise interns and oversee the communications department Manage website including regular content updates, SEO, Google Analytics, and redesign
Fast Tiger Development
Content Writer/SEO/Webmater
Manage company website (including regular content updates, look and feel updates, SEO, and analyzing traffic) Manage social media (encompassing Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) Perform keyword research to optimize webpage content
Easen International
Business Development Assistant
Assist in the management, marketing, and development of engineering and consulting projects for international organizations including the World Bank and Asian Development Bank (ABD) in China


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