Amanda J.

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I offer a range of virtual reception/admin services. I'm happy to make your clients & or patients feel like the top priority they should be.

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Amanda J.
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I have more than 15 years of experience. I have enjoyed these years due to my passion for people,offering what help I can. I excel at multi tasking & always making my patient/client a priority. Recently I've been in a holistic clinic as Office Manager

Work history

I answer incoming calls, perform research, transfer data from paper to electronic charts, as well as maintaining a social media presence for some of my clients.
Whole Family Wellness
Office Manager
I scheduled and handled calls for five practitioners. One of which, moved out of state. I offered remote services to him. Faxed prescriptions, uploaded & routed faxes, screened calls, handled questions for Dr.s, processed on line requests, and research.

Reviews and references


Dr. Schwartzman

If you are looking for an effective communicator, someone who is efficient, an excellent multi-tasker, a problem-solver, with a "can-do attitude"..then look no further! Amanda and I have worked together for the last 4 years, she has been instrumental in our clinic's operations, patient care, and everything pertaining to running a busy clinic. She takes her work seriously, patients always love working with her, and you can always rely on her persistence to get things done, and done well!

Dr. Travis Elliott

“I worked with Amanda for 2 1/2 years. She served as my front desk manager, receptionist, and assistant. There are many things to recommend about Amanda’s skills, but number one is an enthusiasm for learning new tasks and excelling at their execution. She is efficient, accurate, and enthusiastic. Amanda also excels on the phone by exhibiting a caring but firm demeanor. She answers patient questions, gets needed information, and acts as a gratifying buffer between the physician and patient.


Amanda is a reliable and hard worker. I was her supervisor at a health insurance company and could always count on Amanda to complete complex tasks in a timley manner and with a positive attitude. She has a vast background with the health insurance industry which helped her to be versatile in learning the different types of plans we needed her to quickly learn. She got along well with her peers and was a pleasure to have on my team!


Amanda is a positive, upbeat person who is always willing to dig in and help. She possesses the ability to be very organized, always on time, informative and a very warm individual. I know Amanda would be an asset to any organization she partnered with.




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Industries I love

Animals & Pets Events Health & Wellness Music Photography Real Estate & Property Travel

What I read

I love to stay up to date on my Reflexology techniques, so I can be found reading the latest information. I love the Twilight books, and the Divergent series as well. I am a research fanatic, so I love to Google and learn about random things.

Side projects

Creating streamline processes for a smoother running natural medicine clinic..

Ideal team

I am happy to work in a team as well as independently. I love a wide-variety of people and appreciate diversity. I am a communicator, therefore I appreciate open styles of communication, whether verbal or written. Sense of humor is also awesome.