Amna S.

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I work with words : copy, content & strategy, SEO, digital marketing, editing- it's all in my wheelhouse. Over a decade of experience.

  • New York, NY
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Amna S.
New York, NY

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I have been working as a writer and editor since 2006. My primary topics lately are: entrepreneurship, women's issues/politics and travel/nomadism.

Work history

Recruitment Coordinator
Screening and vetting writing applicants.
Freelance Contributor
Pitching and covering stories entrepreneurs would be interested in reading.
Pitching and producing articles related to freelancing.
Freelance Contributor
Pitching and writing stories related to Rape Culture and women's issues.
Freelance Writer
Let these Nomad Women Teach You How to Live on the Beach 365 Days a Year—and Keep Your Job
Head of Content
Create and deploy content and distribution strategies.


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