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Director of Marketing, Early-stage User Acquisition/Retention and Growth Specialist, Social Media Strategist & Growth Hacker. Love B2B SaaS.

  • Drums, PA, United States
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Amy W.
Drums, PA, United States

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Content Growth Email Strategy Paid Advertising



15+ years in social, digital and print marketing. Recently grew a brand's social media following from 0 to over 90k active, organic users in 18 months, with zero ad spend. Grew another's mailing list from 8k to 31k subscribers in 9 months.

CloudPeep clients

Paid Customer Acquisition
Dec 2015 to Jul 2017
B2B-loving Social Media Aficionado
Jul 2015 to Jul 2017

Work history

Co-founder, Former Editor / Publicist.
Co-founded a bootstrapped publishing and personal development business that's taking the eye-rolling out of self-help. Grew author's social media presence from 0 to 90k, edited & typeset manuscript, launched book at #1 in its Amazon category.
Director of Marketing
Lead Gen, User Acquisition, Mailing List Growth, Social Growth & Engagement, Conversion Optimization, PPC, Paid Social Advertising, Remarketing, Direct Email Marketing, Content, Graphic Design, Contest, Promotions, Event Ticket Sales, Webinar Marketing
Director of Marketing
#1 B2B SaaS Founder Community on the planet. Early hire, contributed to growth of the blog to over 400k monthly views, social following over 100k, mailing list from 7k to 33k, revenue from $2M to $8M, and SaaStr Annual event attendees from 1800 to 10,000.


Sales Hacker Free eBook Lead Gen Project

Designed the cover and promotional images, popups, landing page, email automation workflow to manage content delivery, and executed ppc and retargeting campaigns that 2Xed list growth in 1 month.

Sales Hacker Webinars

Redesigned and optimized the existing web & email workflow and landing pages via extensive A/B testing. Increased average conversion rates from 20-30% to consistently achieve a 63-84% conversion rate on the landing pages. 5Xed typical per webinar registration numbers over 3 months of testing.

Self Help Author & Life Coach Brenden Dilley's social media growth project

From 200 followers and zero sales to over 90,000 followers and over $50k in sales in 18 months with no budget, reinvestment or ad spend. Straight fire. Still involved in the business, but have scaled back my role & trained him up on best practices to continue growth.

Dec annual copy 14

Ad campaigns promoting SaaStr Annual speakers / ticket sales

Ad design, optimization, and conversion tracking to meet ROI and CAC targets.


Ad design, optimization, and conversion tracking with specific ROI and CAC KPIs.

Own a $5M rev commit for SaaStr Annual tickets, and own strategy & execution for all ticket marketing and demand generation campaigns, from paid ads and retargeting to organic social, blog writing, email marketing, etc.

Over 160 Venture Capitalists have already purchased their Unicorn hunting licenses for 2018...

Planned & executed on all aspects of a multi-channel demand gen campaign to drive sales of our higher priced VC & BigCo tickets, as well as Founder tickets. Included cold outreach sales strategy, account based targeting, paid & organic social, email marketing to our subscriber base, and blog post.




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social media strategy PPC SEM paid social promotion content marketing lead nurturing social media marketing a/b testing email marketing demand generation


Slack Asana Basecamp KISSMetrics Mixpanel Google Analytics Salesforce Pardot Marketo Optimizely Photoshop Buffer MeetEDGAR CrazyEgg Canva


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Industries I love

Advertising & Marketing Consumer Products Ecommerce Health & Wellness Media Medtech Science Social Enterprise Tech Venture Capital

What I read

Way too many blogs, almost everything the amazing team at Buffer puts out, SaaStr, Sales Hacker, and all things Barry Eisler.

Side projects

Rock Bottom Publishing (@hublife on Twitter)

Ideal team

I prefer working with small, hands-on, high-growth teams and awesome, passionate people. Big fan of quirky types, and I love working with teams who communicate openly and share their vision and ideas freely and without letting ego run the show.