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Andreas S.

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Since 10 years i´m into all sorts of businesses, writing, rewriting, social media, website contents and many other small jobs as well.

  • Vienna, Österreich
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Andreas S.
Vienna, Österreich

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My Proffessional carrier started somewhere around 10 years ago, in the last 5 years i was working on bio technologie conversion sets for an austrian "now thai" company -- I was hired for 3D modeling and system administration, writing- rewriting, press

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Greenspirits E85
FFV "Flexifuel" Conversion to 3rd Gen Bioethanol
Dexwet air filter
Dexwet engineered the worlds most energy efficient air filter


Greenspirits - 3rd Gen Products and fuel

I did some research and found out, that we where sponsors for Bio-Tech products

Dexwet- True filter solutions

Dexwet air purifier- The most energy efficient filtersystem- Official Nascar ponsor and filter


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