Andrew W.

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I have worked as a full-time copywriter since 2008 and a freelance journalist since 2010.

  • Denton, Texas, United States
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Andrew W.
Denton, Texas, United States



I began my career as a copywriter in 2008 when I was hired by FYI Television, a company that creates TV listings information. Since 2011 I've worked as a copywriter for TNT Dental, a company specializing in websites for dentists.


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What I read

For news and pop culture writing I read the New York Times, The New Yorker, Vox, and The Dissolve, among others. I also enjoy literary and genre fiction.

Side projects

I have been doing freelance pieces on film and pop culture since 2010. As part of that I interned with the Dallas Observer, and I'm currently contributing to the Dallas Morning News. I'm also passionate about photography.