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Andrew D.

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Medical Doctor, taking a break from career to explore alternative options. Experience of technical, engaging tutorial writing for students

  • Edinburgh, UK
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Andrew D.
Edinburgh, UK



Content Design



Studied at University of Glasgow
- graduated with Anatomical Sciences BSc + MBChB

Work history

Educational Video Tutorial Writer
Kenhub GmbH is a German company pioneering new ways to teach Anatomy to students. My role was to write accurate, fun and engaging scripts for the tutorial videos, including envisaging the design of the videos. Had to use creative skills and innovation
NHS Lothian
Junior Doctor
Working as Medical doctor, applying knowledge from University degree


Tutorial Video - Types of Body Movements

Educational video for Kenhub GmbH on types of body movements. Challenged to write and outline the design of the video in an insightful and engaging manner.

Tutorial Video - Taste Pathway

Educational video for Kenhub GmbH this time show-casing my abilities at combining in-depth knowledge and research into an easy(er)-to-understand and fun format.

Tutorial Video - Reticular Connective Tissue

Educational video for Kenhub GmbH. This was an unfamiliar topic to me and one where information is not readily available. Thus, it exemplifies my strong research skills to new area and my ability to understand and synthesise that information into a new product.



Anatomical Sciences BSc (MedSci)




Elementary proficiency


Native or bilingual proficiency


content creation editing presentation and slide design writing proofreading public speaking video editing


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Not seeking work


  • Available during business hours, evenings, and weekends


  • Can work 20hrs per week
  • Can commit to 1-3 months


Industries I love

Education Food Health & Wellness Music Photography Science Sports Tech Travel

What I read

Non-fiction science and self-help books, scientific research, Medscape (articles, case challenges), strength & conditioning books/textbooks/blogs/YouTube, psychology blogs

Side projects

Currently creating music and video content to potentially turn into a future brand. Scientific paper submitted for publication (pending)

Ideal team

Small-medium (up to 50 people) friendly teams where my role is clear but with freedom to be creative. I work best when given responsibility of a task but feel comfortable asking questions to guide the best possible result. I like frank, open discussions.