Anjani E.

  • Joined October 2016

I walk softly and carry a big imagination. I've a history of helping companies maximise their potential. A worthy team member.

  • Tacarigua, Tunapuna/Piarco Municipal Corporation, Trinidad and Tobago
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Anjani E.
Tacarigua, Tunapuna/Piarco Municipal Corporation, Trinidad and Tobago

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Copywriting Content Marketing Social Media Strategy



At 17 I started worklife at a bank. At 26 I broke into advertising and at 34 began freelancing which lets me write/produce/direct tv and film on the side. In 2013 my first show aired and held its own against NCIS (locally). Currently on my next project.

Work history

Started as HO Telephone Operator, then CSR/Assistant to the Operations Officer.
I quickly became the best tel. operator in the country, then a CSR/Assistant to the Operations Officer charged with customer care and appreciation. I was also responsible for planning and implementing decor and celebrations for T&T's many public holidays.
Trainee Copywriter to Junior Copywriter to Copywriter in 18 months
At Valdez I cut my teeth on some of the country's major consumer brands including beverages, alcohol, a supermarket chain, chocolates, small appliances and even the bank I'd just left! I also discovered my affinity for promotions and advertising plans.
Senior Copywriter
At Publicis I worked on many of Nestle's brands; juices milks, coffees etc. I also worked on kids' soft drinks and snacks, major car brands, local cereals and more. It's here I honed my jingle-writing skills, something which I had not liked before...
Senior Copywriter/Creative Team Leader
At McCann I gained my first experiences as a Team Leader working on the country's major telephone/internet company and more of Nestle's brands as the account is shared with Publicis. Others included Coca Cola and TIDCO, the country's tourism company.
Senior Copywriter/Creative Team Leader
Returning to Publicis I was now Team Leader on most of my projects including several government ministries, agencies and NGOs, banks, insurance companies, and even more local, regional and global brands.
Genie in a Bottle Productions Limited
Writer. Producer. Director.
Though technically a freelancer, I registered and have worked under my own company name for larger jobs in T&T. In this capacity I worked on a major credit union, regional soft drinks and deli meats manufacturers and a solar water heater company.
Copy Director
At Amazing Designs I gained even more experience on global brands which includes Hyatt Regency, Herman Miller and BHP Billiton. Here I also crafted a promotion for the #1 credit union in T&T which made it $32 million, when they'd hoped for $10 million.
The Purple Door Entertainment Company
Writer. Producer. Director.
My newest venture incorporated in 2013. We are a tech-based entertainment startup that's fighting the system which is terrible on independent filmmakers in the Caribbean. I intend to disrupt the industry. It will be hard, but it will also be so much fun!


Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Tourism ~ Postcards from Paradise

A fun, all-ages flash game developed for Trinidad and Tobago's Ministry of Tourism, for their booth at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 2009. Optimised for the HP Touchsmart, it gave clues via 'digital postcards' with players guessing each of the over fifty local tourist attractions.

Arcelormittal email series

ArcelorMittal ~ Workplace Safety Email Series

A series of emails that were sent to the Steel Plant's employees; one per week over a ten week period, as part of the its workplace safety awareness campaign which was also composed of several other communication pieces.

Tobago PNM 5.0 ~ Internal Elections 2016 Manifesto

The Tobago arm of PNM (the country's main political party) held its internal elections for a new Leader in July. Mr. Rennie Dumas vying for the position ran on a platform he called Tobago PNM 5.0. I was called in to rewrite the manifesto to make it easier for 'the man in the street' to assimilate.

Herman miller press  1

BII Interiors ~ Introducing Herman Miller #1 of Press Series

The Herman Miller line of chairs was introduced to Trinidad and Tobago via a series of three press ads. They became a very popular choice for key local organisations and as well, international companies with branch offices in the country.

Carnation w coconut

Nestle Caribbean ~ Introducing Coconut Carnation Milk

Coconut milk is a key ingredient of many Caribbean dishes. Carnation Evaporated Milk is similarly popular. Based on this, the brand integrated this favourite ingredient with its milk, making this particular line specific to cooking. There were several communication pieces including two press ads...

Carib Brewery ~ Mackeson Television Ad 30 Seconds

Carib found that sales of Mackeson Triple XXX Stout were waning and they needed to re-energise the brand. They were surprised that a female could hit the nail on the head, which included a series of press ads, a jingle and a TVC. The TVC is one of many which I have written, produced and directed.



Principles of Marketing, Principles and Practices of Selling, Behavioural Aspects of Marketing
4-Week Film School, Producing and Directing Television Commercials, Documentary Filmmaking
On the Job with Top Creative Directors at Lead Advertising Agencies in T&T
Copywriting, Producing and Directing Radio Ads/Jingles and TV Commercials, Corporate Videos and Docs



advertising brand strategy branding content creation content marketing copywriting editing proofreading writing content strategy


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Industries I love

Advertising & Marketing Education Health & Wellness Media Philanthropy Retail Venture Capital Ecommerce Entertainment Tech

What I read

Harvard Business Review, Foundr, Both Sides of the Table, Inc. Streaming Media, Techstars, Alleywatch,, Deadline Hollywood, Ad Age, Creativity, Forbes, Smart Company, Indiewire

Side projects

My last big creation was a 12-episode trivia/educational tv gameshow that ran in primetime on the #1 station in my country. That experience led me to pivot and I currently helm a small entertainment startup to solve the problems I (and others) experience.

Ideal team

During my 15+ years in advertising, I've worked with all types and sizes of teams. My ideal is one where we respect each other and what each 'brings to the table'. I like highly imaginative but even-tempered teams. I prefer to utilise energy for the work.