Anna S.

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I've been a content and copywriter since 2011. I am easy to communicate with and create high-quality content that needs little editing.

  • Tiffin, IA, United States
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Anna S.
Tiffin, IA, United States

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I worked full time at an insurance company for 11 years but I wanted more. I created Point Content Marketing in 2011 to take advantage of my love of learning and writing. It's been great, and I enjoy long-term relationships with many clients.

Work history

Content Writer and Marketing Strategist
Create content across a variety of verticals including finance, content marketing, business, home and garden, relationships, healthcare, and more. I have experience that gives me a deep knowledge of insurance, real estate, Obamacare, and marketing.
Insurance Customer Service and Scheduling
Produced and maintained weekly schedules for 200+ associates. Responded to inquiries and scheduling requests in an efficient and timely manner. Answered customer inquiries quickly and professionally. Maintained broad knowledge of insurance industry.


What a Fat Toad Can Teach You About Small Business Marketing

This great little toad near my house made me smile and think about how her strategies for finding food applied to marketing.

How to Make a Marketing Map for Your Business

Your marketing efforts are only as good as the strategy behind them!

Right Place, Right Time, Clear Messageā€¦ No Impact

What to do if you're doing everything "right" but having no results.

A Case Study in Niche Marketing: Doomsday Preppers

Understanding niche marketing through one of the strongest niches available - doomsday preppers.

How to Use Online Reviews to Build Your Real Estate Business

Real estate marketing is done through referrals, but you know what's even better? Online reviews! They are an evergreen referral you can profit from over and over.



BBA - Finance



writing SEO marketing strategy email marketing digital media direct marketing copywriting content strategy content marketing content creation


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  • Available during business hours and evenings


  • Can work 15hrs per week
  • Can commit to 6 months to 1 year


Industries I love

Advertising & Marketing Animals & Pets Banking & Finance Food Health & Wellness Professional Services Real Estate & Property Travel Other

What I read

I love Content Marketing Institute and Chief Content Officer magazine. I also read GKIC materials, Dan Kennedy, and Dave Dee. I read Copyblogger and Problogger as well. On the lighter side, I enjoy Buzzfeed.

Side projects

I have written extensively both as a ghostwriter and a principle contributor. One of the sites I contribute to regularly is

Ideal team

I enjoy working with people who are clear on their needs, expectations, and rates. If the topic you send me is general, and you need a specific angle, please let me know. I do best with freedom to work whenever as long as deadlines are met.