Beatrix C.

  • Joined December 2014

I'm a content specialist who loves a fresh brief. I'm a Melbourne-based Aucklander with the coffee habit to match.

  • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Beatrix C.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



$1,600/month Content



A content ‘all rounder’, I’m equally happy writing or editing long form content, managing social media accounts, creating copy for websites and apps and commissioning video content.

Work history

Site re-launch and client case studies
In September 2016 the team at Liquorice, a boutique brand agency in Melbourne's Fitzroy, launched a refreshed site. I worked with them to create fresh copy and client case studies which made their complex process accessible.
Pete & Dale
Designed to reach gay men who were at risk of experiencing depression while living with HIV, or while in heterosexual relationships, working with the VAC team I created a content suite to talk to each persona group about their treatment options.


Not seeking work


  • Available during business hours, evenings, and weekends


What I read

At home I spent too much time on Medium! I'm a shameless addict. My Kindle is my constant tram companion and I love to read non-fiction, especially start-up related, and contemporary fiction. Recent faves are Dataclysm and Not That Kind of Girl.

Side projects

I run a start up business with some family members- it's called 10Bikes and we rent high-end bicycles to people who visit Melbourne.