Belinda S.

  • Joined December 2014

Recruiting Manager - Digital Strategist. Social Media Manager. Aspiring Dancer. KAO Alumnae. Creative.

  • Plano, TX, United States
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Belinda S.
Plano, TX, United States



I've done social media marketing, community management and customer service for semi-pro and pro dance teams, HR consulting firms and tech companies. I have a background in assessment consultant and statistics that I can leverage as well.

Work history

Recruiting Manager - Digital Strategist
I am charged with creating the employment brand as well as start utilizing social media for recruiting purposes. Prior to my arrival, these channels were not used at all. I also manage all vendor relations and am in charge of macro sourcing.
Media Relations Manager
I am an off hours community manager for mobility, home solutions (Uverse) and small business. We manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, GooglePlus and Tumblr for all 3 business channels.
Assessment Consultant
I consulted with multiple companies (mostly restaurants, but have clients in healthcare, finance and retail) to develop their selection systems - this can include assessments, interview guides, work flows and applicant tracking systems.
Social Media Manager - Texas Revolution Dancers
I was in charge of getting the word out about a local indoor football league and its dance team. I grew its entire fan base online via Facebook and Twitter while also serving as a dancer for the team.
Social Media Volunteer
I was charged with growing WFF's social media presence and to encourage membership - especially in a younger demographic (23-35). I created content and calendars to push content via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Not seeking work


  • Available during business hours, evenings, and weekends


What I read

I'm mostly a fiction-lover! I'll read anything that looks interesting :)

Side projects

I am an aspiring professional dancer who dreams of dancing for an NFL dance team. I have a personal blog and guest blog on occasion (check out tdN2K Summer Brand Camp and Blogging4Jobs) I also love to read, paint and cook. I also like cats.