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My 3M tagline is "Married. Mother. Millennial." I am a blogger and SAHM who has background in non-profit businesses and banking.

  • Montana
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Brienne J.

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I worked in retail for close to 4 years, non-profit for a year, and banking for 4 years as well. I quit my job as a money funds specialist in November of 2014 to stay home with my daughter. I have had my own blog for almost a year as well.

Work history

D.A. Davidson
Money Funds Specialist
Take care of all client discrepancies on their accounts (checks, debit cards, credit cards, ACHs etc.) and find solutions to each problem with the help and interaction of the broker and client associates. Use spreadsheets daily for balancing.
Research and Development Assistant
Focused on organizing and maintaining donor databases. Participating in programs/events empowering women, promoting racial justice, and financial literacy. As well as typing and creating tax exemption forms and acknowledgment letters.
Bank of America
Teller that focused on complete customer service and large cash handling amounts to businesses and individuals. As well as administrative work and corporate interactions.



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Not seeking work


  • Available during business hours and evenings


  • Can work 10hrs per week
  • Can commit to 1+ years


Industries I love

Consumer Products Entertainment Events Food Health & Wellness Kids & Parenting Travel

What I read

I read too many to name them or keep up. My favorite book genre is comedic and mystery.

Side projects

Volunteer with Special Olympics and make DIY crafts for my home.

Ideal team

The smaller the team size, the better. Too many people can make things hectic. I like clients who have a passionate vision and knows what they are looking for in a worker. I like trustworthy management. No micro-managing but trusts the work is done well.