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I work remotely on projects small and large that increase brand awareness, social engagement, and website traffic.

  • Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
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Jordan Nottrodt
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

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Copywriting Social Media Content Growth SEO



My 3 years of agency marketing led me to a year-long position as a remote B2B content manager. Today, I find the future of work extremely fascinating and I am enjoying my freelance journey helping companies expand their business and share their stories.

Work history

Content Manager
Remote: organizing a detailed content schedule that brought blog production up from 4 to 16 publications a month. The robust content schedule, along with strategic B2B social promotion, increased website traffic from 7 first page keyword rankings to 537.
Freelance Marketing Manager
Cabri Management runs a karaoke bar and a gluten-free restaurant in Uptown Waterloo. This is a part-time, freelance project building brand awareness, organizing content calendars, running online contests and coordinating monthly marketing strategies.
Durrell Communications
PR Strategist
I worked at Durrell Communications as a PR Strategist for 2.5+ years. Working for an agency, I worked one-on-one with clients on their communications needs including blogs, websites, newsletters, social media, events, pitch coaching and training.
Social Strategist
Website Management and Content Creator
Drink When is my SEO experimenting zone. The site was launched earlier this year and currently achieves an average of 200 clicks per day.
Location Independence is an ongoing passion project. I have focussed my efforts on Instagram over 8 months to build up a network of 1000 followers interested in remote work tips, travel advice and how to live a location independent life.


INFOGRAPHIC: An Out of This World Look at the Payroll for Star Wars

A behind the scenes look at Star Wars payroll including film budgets, payroll taxes, profits and Harrison Ford’s weekly payroll for Episode IV: A New Hope.

6 IRS Payroll Tax Penalties That Will Hinder Your Business Growth

Although not the most interesting of topics, it is important for small businesses to be aware of IRS penalties and the rules that affect their company. This B2B post focusses on the penalties that are most likely to catch startups and new businesses off guard.

Rise of the Planet of the Remote Workers – What You Need to Know

Remote working is on the rise, and it’s quickly spreading across the planet. This post explains how to escape from old views on remote work, as well as learn more about the rise of remote employees, employers, tools and regulations.

The Ultimate Time Zone Guide For the Business of the Future

In the age of globalization, the remote workforce, and easy travel, employees and employers have found a new dilemma – time zones. This post gives the company of the future everything they need to deal with time zones.

Instagram & Twitter Campaign: Everything you need is steps away from The Cooperage

This was a 16-week campaign on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram that highlighted the active city around a new luxury condo. The campaign showcased the city to current and future residents, with a focus on community and everything available to you within walking distance of the condo.

How to Use Twitter Lists for Social Growth and Interaction

"Twitter Lists are a pretty nifty feature on Twitter. They can help you organize, interact and ultimately grow your follower base."



Bachelor of Knowledge Integration
University of California, Davis
(Course) Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO
The University of Alberta
(Course) Dino 101: Dinosaur Paleobiology



content marketing social media writing copywriting blogging social media strategy branding content curation content calendars SEO


Hubspot Asana Uberflip Mailchimp Constant Contact Twitter Analytics Facebook Insights Instagram Wordpress Excel Snapchat LinkedIn Adobe Creative Suite Trello Google Analytics


Industries I love

Advertising & Marketing Animals & Pets Entertainment Health & Wellness PR & Communications Travel

What I read

I am content crazed so anything with a catchy title or hook is worth looking at. I love to see what other brands are doing and admire meaningful content. For fun, I enjoy fantasy reads with detailed, well-developed worlds: Harry Potter, LOTR.

Side projects

Before agency work, I created social and marketing campaigns for various theatre productions and events. For fun, I am currently working on for movie+TV related drinking games as well as an Instagram account for location independent advice.

Ideal team

I enjoy working on projects and with teams that have a purpose. Setting goals and making a plan to achieve them is very important to me. I am comfortable working with large or small teams as well as working independently.