Barbara C.

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I am a freelance writer that creates compelling content that draw on the imagination while creating an ambiance for dynamic blogs/websites

  • Columbus, GA, United States
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Barbara C.
Columbus, GA, United States



I enjoy composing compelling articles that draw on the imagination while creating the ambiance for dynamic blogs or websites. A varied education offers me the tools to edit composition of most businesses..

Work history

Contributing Author
 Present ideas and fresh content for promotional book blogs about and supply what is new in digital marketing, publishing and trending for authors and publishers
Club Lighthouse ePublishing
Author/Marketing Associate
 Serving as published author of Meretneith of a series of fictional novels, I also present promotional avenues for authors and publishers’ book blogs.
First National Bank of Chicago – Bank One Corporation
Investor Relations Trust Representative
 Daily liaison to The McDonalds Corporation and other dividend reinvestment and reporting on fixed incomes.
PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers
Contract Editor for Global benchmarking practices
 Edit website design to benchmark global businesses



Economically hobbled, the conservative government struggles to keep its euro dependent economy viable. Forced institutionalized economic austerity has caused a marginalization in the rights of its female populace. Traditionally the Grecian female has a feisty intelligence, but their passionate perso


Her geopolitical visibility began with the appointment as vice president and corporate secretary of the World Bank Group, under the leadership of President Robert Zoellick. She left Washington in 2003 to become Finance Minister in Nigerian President Obasanjo’s cabinet on July 15, 2003. In October 20

Fifty Shades of No

While erotica eBook sales contributed greatly to the swelling electronic book revolution. It heralds new pathways to achieving extreme profitability amongst publishing heavies like Barnes & Nobel, and Amazon. Heads up, PwC sees nothing but increased revenue in eBook sales for the foreseeable future.

The New Ambiance of Dubai Money

From a global aviation hub to the center of our universe for all that is luxury fashion. The deserts of the UAE have awakened. The first day of the Dubai 2013 Air Show was a huge success for the American based aircraft maker Boeing. The subdued sheikhdom of the United Emirates is using their wealth.

Greece, Bitcoin and Lesson Learned About the Power of Money

Is the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, the “Sin Eater” of what has delivered his country into its current economic crisis? On the other hand, is he a pragmatic left leaning hawk seeking to ease Greece into its monetary and fiscal reformation?

He Made an Ordinary Remark for an Extraordinary Audience.

Satya Nadella’s reply to the growing awareness of inequality among women leaders in technology at the Grace Hopper Celebration was an ordinary response; if the listeners comprised a unique cultural circle. Nevertheless, the ordinary commentary fell on the ears of an extraordinary audience.



City Colleges of Chicago
General Biology/Nephrology Technology
Northeastern Illinois Univeristy
American Institute of Banking
Bank Management/Trust Law
Project Management Institute
Project Management


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