Tara B.

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Passionate advocate for the growing role of community engagement and genuine content in developing a thriving, customer-centric business

  • Wellington, New Zealand
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Tara B.
Wellington, New Zealand



Social Media Community Copywriting Content Public Relations



My professional focus for the past 6+ years has been centered around creating great communities established on a foundation of trust, empathy, and building genuine relationships. Strong focus on content creation, communication strategies, & building trust

Work history

Sr. Community Manager
Responsible for the planning, creation, and execution of the Wipster Ambassador program. Planning & execution of successful Twitter chat series, leading to a 3-4x increase in Reach and new followers on the date of each session. Regular blog content.
Customer Relationship Manager
Created social media strategies for high profile partnership & internally developed titles. Developed Corporate Communications Policy for use by all PikPok employees, outlining appropriate online communications when acting as an employee of the brand.
Community Marketing Manager
Growth of community fan page for new IP to 295,000 fans during first quarter beyond launch. Ownership of community channels for a fan base of over 3.5 million for Zuma Blitz. Developed marketing plan for the PAX East 2013 promo, leading to 75k downloads
Community Manager
Developed and maintained online community and social strategy to align with and support the massively multiplayer, socially driven nature of 1 vs 100 for Xbox LIVE. Development of all Facebook, Twitter, and blog content for North American region.



community building community management content creation social media blogging community ambassador programs online community building public speaking writing brand strategy


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Industries I love

Education Entertainment Gaming Media PR & Communications Fashion

What I read

TechCrunch, Mashable, The Verge, Re/code, Wired, Dwell magazine
Books: Pretty much any manner of sci-fi or fantasy books,Pillars of the Earth, Saga, How to Win Friends & Influence People, Word of Mouth Marketing

Side projects

I have been ramping up my teaching & public speaking efforts lately, which has been really rewarding. I also make jewelry and random costumes in my spare time. You can see some of these on my (slightly outdated) website: http://www.kindofstrange.com

Ideal team

Team Size: Less than 20 is ideal, with a few core daily touchpoints. Clients: Creatively oriented is a huge plus. I love helping artists, creatives, and those striving for social change to tell their stories. Management: Built on trust & mutual respect