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Bree has written content for the likes of Fast Company, Healthline, and Colgate, and she can help you too. Contact her today.

  • Hendersonville, NC, USA
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Bree N.
Hendersonville, NC, USA

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I have experience in crafting content for a variety of mediums including articles, blogs, website content, white papers, business communications and more. I have written content for the likes of Fast Company, Healthline, and Colgate, and more.

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The Elmo Brushing Teeth Song And Other Tooth Brushing Tips For Toddlers
If you have questions about caring for your preschooler's teeth, you're not alone. Introducing young children to brushing may be intimidating for parents. However, it doesn't have to be if you and your child follow these tips.
Why Untreated Mental Illness Has Led to Homelessness for Many African Americans
America’s homelessness crisis has evolved into a crisis of color. Even the casual observer couldn’t fail to notice that in every homeless shelter, domestic violence shelter, and soup kitchen across America, the black faces most often outnumber those of wh


Over the Hill in IT: Why Ageism in Tech is Getting Old

While it’s illegal to make hiring, and firing decisions based on age, age discrimination is rampant in the tech industry. Proving explicit discrimination may be difficult, but many of the movers and shakers in the technological world make no bones about it; they openly admit to hiring people under 3

Is Maintaining Open Source Software Economically Viable for Your Business?

Business owners and companies who choose to use open source software usually do so because open source solutions promise significant savings; this might be true. However, open-source solutions can end up costing more in the long run for maintenance purposes.


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