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I Fix Broken Marketing Programs for Growing Companies

  • Tampa, FL, United States
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Brian Swanick
Tampa, FL, United States

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Worked in-house, freelance, & in agency as a digital marketer. Past SEO consultant & currently focused on customer acquisition & activation, mostly through paid channels and email.

CloudPeep clients

Marketing Campaign
Oct 2016 to Dec 2016
Growth Marketing Campaign Management
Aug 2016 to Oct 2016
Google Adwords Specialist
Feb 2016 to Jun 2016
Facebook Marketing Optimization & Targeting
Aug 2015 to Nov 2015

Work history

Marketing Manager
Lead the Marketing department for this international online travel agency. Marketing and operations in the US, Canada, & Mexico.
Paid Media Consultant
Worked as the Paid Media Consultant for this public university as they entered their first year of enrollment. I rebuilt and relaunched their paid campaigns, focusing on search, remarketing, and a mixture of social & video.





digital marketing lead generation marketing automation retargeting search SEM website audits paid advertising data analysis


Hubspot Google AdWords Google Analytics BingAds Wordpress Facebook Advertising Twitter Advertising Optimizely Screaming Frog LinkedIn Ad Network Yoast Adroll YouTube Moz Excel


Industries I love

Ecommerce Education Gaming Sports Tech Travel

What I read

Biz Related: The Happiness Advantage, Decisive, The Icarus Deception, The Dip, The Big Short, Off Balance, Zero to One, Permission Marketing
Fiction Favorites: The Sun Also Rises, Sherlock Holmes (any of his adventures),

Side projects

I have a monthly mastermind that I started and I work with a non-profit that educates young children on emotional intelligence

Ideal team

Any team that is growth focused. I also love project-based work where there is a defined endpoint.