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Caitlin B.

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I am a UK based copywriter and blogger with an excellent grasp of British English and a wide knowledge base.

  • Norwich, UK
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Caitlin B.
Norwich, UK



I have been a freelance blogger and copywriter since 2012. I have worked for a wide range of clients, including writing government website articles.

Work history

Article Writer
Wrote 10 articles a week over 10 weeks for a UK Government website dedicated to job information for young people.
Writer and SEO
ongoing writing and seo for a niche interest website.


Calling all Bi Women – Give Up The Self-Hate!

A rebuttal article directed at ideas that bisexual women should exclusively be romantically involved with women.

Mental Illness in the Post-Apocalypse

a discussion of surviving mental illness through an apocalyptic lens/


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