Carolyn M.

  • Joined May 2015

Copywriter, technical writer, and social media manager who specializes in creative storytelling and humor.

  • Houston, TX
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Carolyn M.
Houston, TX



I specialize in quirky storytelling and conversion disguised as silliness. I work as an in-house Copywriter for a tech company while working as a freelance Copywriter on the side. I prefer to write in a witty, engaging BuzzFeed-y style.


Not seeking work


  • Available evenings and weekends


What I read

I read a lot of Copyblogger and similar blogs. I also read copious of Japanese manga and YA teen novels. There will always be a special place in my reading heart for Neil Gaiman and Richard Adam's Watership Down (BUNNIES!)

Side projects

I helped launch a women's interest blog, Every now and then, I contribute articles and help with their social media.