Corey A.

  • Joined April 2015

I believe that invention is a way of life. Creative, digital work is what I do.

  • Dallas, TX, United States
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Corey A.
Dallas, TX, United States



As a Digital Strategist, I craft digital strategies and campaigns to build and transform world-class brands. I guide brand interactions across digital properties as well as in the social space through a marriage of strategy and creativity.


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What I read

Lately, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena. Benedict Evans and company keep me smart, and Wikipedia pages and thinkers like Slavoj Zizek draw me in too frequently. I religiously read every update of the Hacker Newsletter, DresdenCodak, and Lovelyss.

Side projects

I always have a garage project. With my own two hands, I have made a lasercutter, built a ukulele, edited contest winning videos, and coded a number of beautiful websites.