Melanie S.

  • Joined April 2015

I love supporting people and developing remote teams! I am a Community Manager, Weight Watchers coach and virtualization geek

  • Avila Beach, CA, United States
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Melanie S.
Avila Beach, CA, United States

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Originally from Colorado, I'm on a new journey in my development to travel and live in new cities. I have experience as a leader and a coach in various roles, from weight loss, career development and community building.

Work history

Tegile Systems
Technical Account Manager
Customer advocate, support readiness, premier services, escalation support.
Experts Exchange
Community Manager
Information Technology, expert engagement and community building through meaningful relationships.
Weight Watchers
Online Weight Loss Coach - Click to Chat
Helping members build action plans to cope with all the small obstacles in their weight loss so they can reach their goals.


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  • Available evenings and weekends


Industries I love

Health & Wellness Tech Travel

What I read

Vampire Diaries, Making Ideas Happen, Getting things Done, How to win friends and influence people, Delivering Happiness, The GoldFinch, The Speed of Trust, Serve to be Great, Managing Creativity and Innovation

Side projects

I am currently a Technical Account Manger and a Weight Watchers leader, where I lead a weekly meeting and I also am an online chat coach, available to help people with mini action plans or to get help with the Weight Watchers program.

Ideal team

I thrive in the technology sector especially when working with support teams and engaging groups of diverse people to build solutions.