Tina R.

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In this modern day, I chose to be an old fashioned mama. Baby bird will be flying the best and now...so must mama.

  • Chicago
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Tina R.



Development Admin Design



My professional journey has been one of service and support. im a great team player who is both creative and results driven. I am also great pumping work out on my own.

Work history

Private Homes
Private Caregiver
Provided domestic support to family by way of establishing and maintaining an organized, sanitary and secure environment for family and children. I created events and projects to assist in children's physical, educational and creative development.
NPRG, Inc.
Office Manager
Provided direct administrative support to Vice Presidents and Account Executives, while also managing office personnel duties (i.e. supervising part-time staff, processing expense reports, maintaining office facilities). In the absence of my superiors,
Kehoe Designs
Seasonal Holiday Designer
Led teams towards meeting deliverable deadlines for private and public, small and large creative projects from the wireframing stage, which outlines and initiates a project’s stages and its necessary components, to full implementation through securing and


My Portfolio

This is the second iteration of my portfolio. Within other projects that I have created single handedly, as well as on a team can be found. Additionally, I have included small projects/exercises that I am building to practice and expand on fundamentals.

The Butler Did It...

A mystery solving game best suited for tablet or greater play action.

Potty Project

Conveniently, find the nearest restroom through our nifty Potty map.


This is a full stack app created to address your gathering/party needs.



General Assembly
Web Development Immersive
DePaul University
Art and Psychology




Native or bilingual proficiency


CSS design HTML web design


Eventbrite Facebook Github Illustrator InDesign LinkedIn Meetup Slack Photoshop


Not seeking work


  • Available during business hours, evenings, and weekends


  • Can work 40hrs per week
  • Can commit to 1+ years


Industries I love

Education Entertainment Food Health & Wellness Media Tech Travel

What I read

I read for both pleasure and information. I love to read inspirational blogs, poems, life stories---words. I also read for the purpose of learning something. I find that I learn the "boring" stuff if I have a use for it---then, it becomes enjoyable!!

Side projects

I've teamed up in the production of large scale public commissions to smaller, private creative productions. Scale does limit me.

Ideal team

My ideal team is diverse in culture, abilities, and experiences. I prefer management that leads, as well as rolls up their sleeves when necessary. Also, I hope to find environments that combines independent and team work.