Chris J.

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Digital Marketing professional who likes the Colorado Rockies, animals, music, literature and home brewing.

  • Colorado Springs, CO, United States
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Chris J.
Colorado Springs, CO, United States



For over 5 years I've been defining and executing social media strategy for a wide swath of bands, brands and non-profits. From creating engaging content to managing large paid social campaigns, I've handled it all. Please don't call me a guru.


Not seeking work


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  • Can work 40hrs per week


What I read

For business, my favorite book is 'The Method Method.' For pleasure I try to mix it up and read a little bit of non-fiction, fiction and poetry.

Side projects

I'm a home brewer that really enjoys trying to make beer that I love. Sometimes I fail, but it's always fun. As someone who spends all day on the internet, I really enjoy creating something tangible.