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Chris K.

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I'm a product guy with experience building products from the ground up. I've founded companies, and worked for companies big and small.

  • Berlin, Germany
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Chris K.
Berlin, Germany



I've worked as a developer, project manager and product manager for startups and Internet companies for over a decade. I have experience in mobile, in marketplaces, in global expansion and localisation, in B2B and B2C, as well as in marketing and growth

Work history

Mobile Product Manager
- Built Shutterstock's first international product team in Berlin - Grew Shutterstock's mobile team from 1 person to 8 people - Helped define Shutterstock's strategy for mobile-sourced content and creative community
Product Manager - International
- Built Shutterstock's first product team focused on international markets - Increased the number of markets Shutterstock was localized in by over 100% - Improved non-English product conversion through search and other product enhancements
Mobile Product Manager
- Shipped iOS and Android apps - Increased LTV of mobile users by > 200% vs web users through product enhancements


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  • Available during business hours, evenings, and weekends


  • Can work 10hrs per week
  • Can commit to 1+ years


Industries I love

Consumer Products Ecommerce Education Music Philanthropy Photography Science Social Enterprise Tech Travel

Side projects

A job site for remote workers, an app for sourcing micro-finance loans in rural Asia, a language learning app for iPads using live video and a few other things

Ideal team

Smaller, distributed teams with seriously intelligent and experienced teams are my favourite teams to work with