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Chris R.

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  • Joined June 2019

Expert software engineer (Java, Go) designing and developing web-based solutions for companies both large and small for the past 11 years.

  • Charlottesville, VA, USA
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Chris R.
Charlottesville, VA, USA



I have over 11 years of professional software design and development experience delivering 24 products valuing over $225M. I have a knack for sustainable software design/development and business acumen for identifying additional opportunities for value.

Work history

Software Engineer
Worked as an independent contractor to evaluate, redesign, and develop a new webinar provisioning system based on requirements. Automated the build and deployment of the system through GitHub. Reduced costs of provisioning and hosting.
Senior Software Engineer
Developed and delivered products as part of over $3M worth of various government contracts leveraging Java, JavaScript, SQL, and web services.
Software Engineer
Developed and delivered products as part of over $221M worth of government contracts leveraging PHP, Java, JavaScript, SQL, and web services.
Lead Senior Software Engineer
Designed and developed web service API for flagship product delivering complete project within 6 months of start. Final product launched OrgAnalytix with immediate sales to First Internet Bank, Stanley Black & Decker, Barclays, and Walker.
Software Engineer
Developed microservices leveraging Go for the Sansar and Secondlife products.



OrgAnalytix combines Machine Learning technology with Network Analytics to provide managers with actionable detailed insights faster than other HR tools in the market (such as engagement surveys, behavioral studies or personality tests)

Automated Battle Management Aid (ABMA)

A battle management tool for recommending assets for use on missions. ABMA utilizes Case Based Reasoning and Genetic Algorithm artificial intelligence methodologies with real-time data from the Maritime Tactical Command and Control Service Oriented Architecture web services.

Advanced Prototyping Environment

A secure, easy-to-use cloud-based platform using open-source components to replicate a ship network environment and provide the facilities required to support the development and testing of mission critical services, components, and complete environments for integration with various platforms.


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