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Christyn C.

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I'm a wordsmith that loves writing. Whether it's a creative piece or a by-the-book technical piece, I just love writing.

  • London, ON, Canada
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Christyn C.
London, ON, Canada



I've been a writer and editor for over 5 years. I have experience writing for a variety of content types, styles, and topics. I absolutely love writing. Whether it's creative pieces or highly factual and technical articles, I enjoy being a wordsmith.

Work history

Managing Editor, Entertainment
I started as a freelance writer and was quickly brought in-house. I was then promoted to Editor, then Analyst, then Team Lead, and finally Managing Editor of the Entertainment team where I hired, trained and managed a team of writers and their content.
Freelance Writer
I research and create blog articles about businesses and places within London, Ontario for this Real Estate company.
The Richest
Freelance Writer
Wrote list articles based on a variety of topics.


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University of Western Ontario
B.A in English Language and Literature with a minor in Creative Writing


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