Chris Y.

  • Joined January 2016

Award-winning multi-platform storyteller that has created authentic, entertaining and effective social media campaigns.

  • Dallas, TX, United States
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Chris Y.
Dallas, TX, United States



Started creating content in 1990 as a Broadcast TV Journalist. I have used my past experience to create video content and native advertising for brands like Budweiser, Neiman Marcus and Verizon. I am a storyteller that loves creating content.

Work history

Huddle Productions
Founded in 2007, Huddle is a Video Driven Social Media Company that provides a "solution for social". Using our experience in broadcast television, we focus on the power of creativity and showcase the highest level of storytelling for our clients.
Fox Sports
Sports reporter, anchor, producer and editor for top 5 markets in the nation. I was responsible for story ideas and execution of the story for Broadcast TV.


Olympic Athlete Battles Leukemia

I created this story for Delete Blood Cancer to help raise awareness about Leukemia. This is a story about an Olympic athlete who wanted to make a difference with his battle.

Bud Light Bands

Bud Light Bands Video Interview with Roger Creager about music and his adventures. Roger is a Country Music artist but also a guy that loves to live life.

Go Pro on Horse Jockey

Horse Jockey Roman Chapa explains what it takes to ride a horse during a race. He gives this detailed explanation on a wooden horse to show you everything that he does while racing.

Google+ Hangouts

I created a Google+ Hangout series that grew our audience from 500 fans to over 690,000.

Bud Light Up For Whatever

I created video and social media for the Bud Light Up For Whatever campaign.



University of Texas



1) video content creation 2) Media Experience 3) native advertising 4) content marketing 5) social media 6) social media engagement 7) storytelling 8) live entertainment engagement 9) interviewing for stories 10) real time marketing


1) twitter 2) facebook 3) instagram 4) google+ 5) periscope 6) blab 7) vine 8) linkedin 9) youtube


Not seeking work


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