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Cindy T.

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  • Joined March 2020

Highly motivated, business savvy, collaborative, creative, results-driven, high performing marketing ‘guru’, leader and team player

  • Stamford, CT, USA
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Cindy T.
Stamford, CT, USA



With three decades of marketing, branding, communications and sales experience in corporate and on the client service side since 2003, Cindy is recognized for her marketing expertise across diverse industries and at different stages of business maturity.

Work history

Healthcare: RVNAhealth; First Healthcare Compliance (SaaS)
Marketing, Brand and Sales Enablement Consultant and Partner
Served clients in the healthcare industry from healthcare "continuum of care" service providers, to SaaS healthcare compliance, and those targeting the healthcare sector. Branding, Market Research, Marketing & Communications and Sales Enablement services.
HiTech/ IT:First Healthcare Compliance (SaaS), GAVS (IT/AI); D4 (Big Data)
Marketing and Communications Consultant and Partner
Partner to a variety of tech-centric businesses in bring the company and its products/services to a national or global market. Services included Market Research, Brand Development, Marketing & Communications Development/Execution, Sales Enablement.
B2B Professional and Business Services: EBP; Merryck & Co; CBIZ; AMA; DDI
Marketing Consultant and Partner
Worked with several clients offering B2B services and solutions in various markets from Logistics, Succession Planning and Leadership Development, Accounting and Assurance Services, Data Analytics and IT and Infrastructure Mgmt, Compliance, eLearning
B2C: Ameriprise Financial; Rosen & Co; LoveTheWild;eCloth; Simplified Bedding
Marketing Consultant and Business Partner
Developed and executed brand, marketing & communications and Sales enablement for a variety of B2C product and service companies in diverse consumer focused industries from wealth management, financial services, risk management, consumer goods, food


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