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C J OAKES specializes in Law, business, and marketing content. Proficiencies: eBooks, in-depth articles, WordPress, SEO, Keyword research.

  • Lubbock, TX, United States
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Clarence O.
Lubbock, TX, United States

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In 2002, I wrote professionally for my college newspaper, I mainly wrote the OpEd, but at times covered events. I did not write professionally for eight years, returning in 2010. In that time, I have written more than I ever imagined I could, 100+ books

Work history

As copywriter for Echelon Jets, I wrote 90% of the main content of the site. In addition, I wrote the majority of blogs and all the key pages for the site.
Oakes Writing Website Services provides Guaranteed content marketing services primarily for Legal, Real Estate, Medical, and Financial Professionals.
Freelance Writer
I have been working as a contractor with UpWork since 2011, when it was oDesk. In that time, I have clocked 400 hours and completed hundreds of assignments. I have never had a dissatisfied client.
Op-Ed and General News Writer
The Contraband is the official newspaper for McNeese State University.. I worked as the editorialist for the paper and occasionally provided news pieces on topics ranging from decorated veterans to local controversies.
This is my flagship website. I use this site to promote law and criminal justice-related content to prospective legal clientele. The site contains scholarly writing, general entertainment, specialized content, and blogs making it a good personal portfolio
Another website developed by me, most content currently is written by myself, but this project is largely in place for a friend. I joined forces with him in order to provide expert content, WordPress site development, and SEO.
Blog Writer
I write blogs under contract for company clients, Law Firms generally specializing in Personal Injury, Mesothelioma, Family Law, and Discrimination Law among others.


Real Estate Content developed for Various Clients, mostly in Australia

For a time I landed numerous real estate clients, ranging from agents to brokers. This provides a sampling of some of the work performed for these clients. I am especially proud of the first two-a book/website combo and an extensive educational course to train people new to real estate investing.

Articles and Blogs for Clients Ranging from Food to Sex and Relationships to Video Games

In this portfolio, there are excerpts from a range of content developed for clients since 2011. These show my ability to write a range of material.

Books, eBooks, and more Great Books...Did I mention I write books?

As a book writer, I have been privileged to write a vast assortment of books for both clients and self. The fact is that I love writing books and have developed both short books for email farming and full-length books. I also provide excellent turnaround times when a project is needed quickly.

APA Style Essays and Professional Journal Articles

One style of writing at which I am most proficient is in developing scholarly topics. Well-researched with logical development, these articles lay at the heart of SEO when written correctly. Shhh, that is a little-known secret to getting high-traffic articles: Write like writing for college.

Novels and Short Stories

As a freelance writer, I seldom turn down a juicy project (or one which pays well). From time to time I have clients who have a burning idea for a novel or set of short stories. Although not my preference, if the price is right, I will write.



English/Creative Writing Major, Minoring in Psychology
BS in Criminal Justice




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blogging content creation ebooks digital media editing journalism public speaking public relations SEO writing


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Education Government Professional Services Social Enterprise Advertising & Marketing Media Other

What I read

Huffington Post, cnet, seomoz, Natl Geo, Entrepreneur, Psychology Today, non-fiction books, mostly histories and biographies, also college texts and science journals,

Side projects

I developed a lenghty real estate study course for an investor in Australia. I have self-published 32 books for myself and friends and ghost-written another 70+ for clients. I have written two screenplays, two volumns of short stories, and too much poetry

Ideal team

I believe that a six to 10 member team offers the best dynamics and results. However, more important than the size of the team, all members have to accept that not all are going to agree at all times. Compromises made, conflict leads to success.