Claire M.

  • Joined December 2014

Using content and copy to inspire action and energize any mission, I specialize in pepping up some of the -ahem- drier topics on the web.

  • San Francisco, CA, United States
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Claire M.
San Francisco, CA, United States



Creative writing graduate turned chocolate factory tour guide turned personal finance writer, I've covered quite the gamut. What I've learned? Authentic representation through content and clear copy transcend all professional industries.


Seeking work


  • Available during business hours and evenings


What I read

Short form! Long form! Anything in-between form! From street signs to Dostoyevsky, I'm a nerd for content in all shapes and forms.

Side projects

Podcasting! Nothing better than editing audio clips into a commute worthy podcast episode.
Photography! Both taking photos and admiring.
Creating! Company logos, pies (the eating kind not the chart kind), stories.