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Colleen D.

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Ex-English teacher and career advisor, a now part-time uni student studying Creative Writing and working as a freelance writer.

  • Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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Colleen D.
Perth, Western Australia, Australia



Content SEO Copywriting Social Media Paid Advertising



I've been a freelance writer for three months. In that time I have really worked the grind, learned a lot. I've edited a novel, written more blog posts than I can count on everything from chainsaws to Icelandic weddings, mastered SEO and written news.

Work history

What Chief Financial Officers Managing Directors and IT Managers need to know ab
Blog post explaining Cryptolocker and why it is important for higher level management to know about it.
HH Homes
Meadow Ridge by HH Homes
A promotional piece of writing describing a new land development and encouraging new buyers.
Engineers: Why You Will Need One Come the Zombie Apocalyspe
A light hearted blog post discussing why engineers and their skills would be useful come the zombie apocalypse as a means of promoting the company's steel manufacturing services
Women Pioneers in IT
A Blog post chronicling early pioneering women in IT for International Women's Day.
Signs your're getting old - funny observations
A funny post about the signs of getting old
History Lesson for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos
Current affairs article was written after Betsy DeVos angered many by making an uniformed racial comment at a HBCU event. The article also outlines the two-day Washington fly-in of HBCU leaders which culminated in Trump signing an Executive Order.
We must open our eyes to the difficulties of dyslexia
An opinion piece about how many young people are struggling in school due to dyslexia with a government call to action.
Oakley Frogskins product desription
Product description of Oakley Sunglasses encouraging customers to purchase them and highlighting their features.


Signs You're Getting Old - Funny Observations

Humorous post for World of Banter

Oakley Frogskins

Product copy

Gas Chainsaw Reviews

A review of five gas chainsaws sold on Amazon

The Best Resorts for Relaxing and Enjoying Your Divorce

A travel blog listing the best post-divorce holiday locations.

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Review 2017

A review of five single serve coffee makers available on Amazon.



Curtin University
Bachelor of Creative Writing ang Professional Writing
Graduate Diploma in Career Development
Bachelor of Education - English major




Full professional proficiency


blogging content content creation ebooks copywriting editorial editing proofreading SEO sub-editing


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Industries I love

Education Entertainment Events Food Government Health & Wellness Kids & Parenting Media Professional Services

What I read

All books, I love reading, from literary fiction to a juicy crime thriller. The last novel I read was "The Nutshell" by Ian McEwan, I'm about to start "Little Women" as I have never read it. Marie Claire, Vogue, Who, Elle, Women's Health & Fitness.

Side projects

I have written a YA novel, hoping it will be published this year. I assist people with their resumes and cover letters as this is something I am passionate about. I edited a novel which is at the publishers for a young Australian novelist.

Ideal team

I like to work with a smaller team, so all voices can be heard, or if it is a large team then work via a remote platform. I get along well with most people & can work with all types of people & managers, but prefer to be autonomous as I am a professional.