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Collette H.

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Copywriter with 7 years experience specializing in B2B/C content marketing, from blogs, to sales pages, to email, and everything in between.

  • Bozeman, MT, USA
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Collette H.
Bozeman, MT, USA

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I began copywriting 7 years ago in a corporate environment as the sole copywriter for a 200+ employee software company. After a little over a year, I moved into entrepreneurship and have been successfully serving B2B/C clients for the last five+ years.

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Cadius Parnters Rebrand and Website Content Creation
Helped to rebrand company, including a 50 page website encompassing four separate subsidiaries. Resulted in a coherent brand, unique brand voice, and clear understanding of services company offered.
Prime Inc. Website Rewrite
Prime is one of those rare companies that is brimming with funky personality. The only problem was their website didn't show it. Performed client interviews and a massive rewrite that captured their brand and better displayed their value to visitors.
Gallatin Real Estate Website Content Creation
Jake and Kenzie ran their company unlike any realtors I'd known. They'd do anything for their clients, whose best interest they lived to serve. They needed a website that demonstrated their rare level of client services, which I was honored to deliver.
Prescott Ranch Website Content Creation
With so many out of state developers moving into Montana, Prescott Ranch needed to find a way to differentiate and gain trust. I focused on the family-owned nature of the business to establish trust and give the company a mom and pop, Montana feel.
Remedy Health Website Content Creation
Kelly was a naturopath who needed help translating her expertiseto laymen's terms. Through client interviews and extensive research, I brought Kellyn's content to the patient's level. Since her site launch, her schedule went from 40% to completely booked!
Ruby Valley Brew Website Content Creation
As out of staters opening a bar in rural MT, RBV faced a great challenge. I decided to focus their content on the spirit of the valley, speaking directly to the local cowboy culture and resonating with their old school values of grit and hard work.
Email Retreat Sign-Up Series
With Covid, Jackie transitioned her overseas retreat to online and needed to attract an audience. By focusing on the benefits of "privacy" and "at your own pace," I was able to create an 8 email series campaign that resulted in all retreat spots filled!


Ruby Valley Brew Website Content Creation

RVB had an interesting problem on their hands. They were out-of-staters opening a bar in rural MT where local is everything. I focused the content on the local cowboy spirit, shared their values via language, and named the beers after local landmarks. 3yrs later they're the most popular bar in town!

Clemson Rebranding Project

Wild Tiger is an independent ice cream brand via Clemson. In need a major refreshing, I redesigned every aspect of the company: from visuals, to style and feel, to content. This content is my most natural voice and favorite project. Launch led to online sales that kept them profitable through Covid.


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