Tiara S.

  • Joined March 2016

10+ years exp working w content, social media, cross-cultural, editorial esp for arts & non-profits

  • Johor Bahru Johor Malaysia
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Tiara S.
Johor Bahru Johor Malaysia

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Social Media Content Admin Community Strategy



5-10+ years of experience with creative arts & media productions, non-profits and social enterprise, community cultural development, and education, including self-started projects, to explore community, identity, liminality, belonging, and social justice

CloudPeep clients

Community Coordinator
Apr 2016 to May 2016

Work history

Organizing, Project Management, and Consulting
Problem solving, project management, conflict management, consulting, strategy for small-to-medium creative enterprises including creating systems and workflows for productions and events, social media management, task management
Editorial, Ignite
Editing, researching, and preparing content for major international online exhibition about women in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), including working with Drupal and outreach to international women's and STEAM organizations.
Education and Translation, Flag Stories
Co-creating curriculum and co-leading classes of 10-12 youth (11-17 years) from across San Francisco working on art and media projects relating to identity and citizenship, inc social media management (Tumblr, Facebook, Vimeo), translation & context
Social Media Manager
Updating events blog and calendar for events hosted at or by the Center, as well as sourcing and sharing creative work related to gender and sexuality on Tumblr and Twitter.
English as Second Language Academic Editor
Edited academic papers and other written materials for graduate-level and undergraduate-level students from non-US and ESL backgrounds.
Sponsorship Assistant
Coordinated offers and requests from community artists and businesses for sponsorship on iconic community radio station, such as competition giveaways and event promotions, on-air scripts, and website listings (via Drupal).
Co-Presenter and Co-producer (Megaherzzz)
Researched and prepared content for iconic weekly feminist radio magazine program for Brisbane community radio, including reporting of current feminist news and affairs, discussion on relevant topics, promotion of feminist events and media.
Youth Arts Queensland
Program Intern
Co-produced and researched Cultural Diversity Strategy to encourage young people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities into YAQ, including research on state & federal arts policy, analysing organisational practices.


Full Writing Portfolio

All my significant/highly-successful writing.

Autostraddle: You Can Now Take A College-Level Course in Sex Toy Design

A profile on RMIT's Future Sex Studio, training Industrial Design students in sex toy design.

Model View Culture Quarterly: Let's Lose the Arts/Tech False Dichotomy Already

The separation of arts and tech does not really need to be there.

Where Is MH370

A collaborative project dedicated to fact-checking and critically analysing media around the disappearance of MH370. This included contextual research, interviews with experts, and well-cited reports - allowing us to quickly go viral as a reputable source of information.

Goodbye, Ello: Privacy, Safety, and Why Ello Makes Me More Vulnerable to My Abusers and Harassers

Deconstructing Ello's lack of privacy options. This was instrumental in Ello adding privacy options to their To-Do list and is easily the most viral piece I've ever written.

VICE Motherboard: The Pop Culture Pagans Who Draw Power from Tumblr

I explored the Tumblr scenes of pop culture magick and pop culture paganism - using pop culture and geek culture as inspiration for spiritual practice.



Core: Credential of Readiness, Pending
Masters of Fine Arts, Creative Inquiry (Interdisciplinary Arts)
Bachelors of Creative Industries (Creative Industries Management, Creative & Professional Writing)



Writing Editing Research social media management content creation content curation cross-cultural communication information architecture administration strategic planning


Contently Facebook Audacity Twitter Instagram Tumblr Wordpress Indiegogo Kickstarter Mailchimp LinkedIn Medium Youtube Pinterest


Not seeking work


  • Available during business hours, evenings, and weekends


  • Can work 20hrs per week
  • Can commit to 3-6 months


Industries I love

Education Entertainment Events Gaming Media Music Social Enterprise Tech Travel Other

What I read

I read just about anything and everything! Blogs: Metafilter, Autostraddle, Broadly, The Establishment, Model View Culture. Non-fiction: tech, business, arts, social justice, creativity, culture. Webcomics and fanwork.

Side projects

Yoni Ki Baat (South Asian women's theatre), EducateDeviate (Malaysia's leading alternative education blog), Geek Feminism (as linkspammer), LGBTQ in Tech Slack (as mod), Al-Jazeera Media in Context Hackathon, White House LGBTQ in Tech Summit

Ideal team

Cross-cultural, everyone has a shared vision, can work well with any sized teams. Creative and dynamic. Prefer a collaborative management style that welcomes input and initiatives from all levels.