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Dahna C.

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Corporate communicator, award-winning finance journalist and strategic content writer for thriving wealth management and finance brands

  • Washington, DC Metro
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Dahna C.
Washington, DC Metro

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I’m a creative, digital communications advisor and strategic content writer with over 20 years’ experience. I'm also an experienced corporate communicator specializing in internal communications, CSR, D&I and change communications messaging.

Work history

Strategic Digital Content Communications Consultant
Integrated digital communications marketing practice that produces outstanding quality, audience-focused, engagement-generating and converting content to clients in thriving enterprises, agencies, and publications.
Contract Content Writer
I write white papers, ebooks, reported stories and blog posts on institutional and personal finance, business growth, HR, insurance, real estate, upscale travel for wealth and finance industries.
Real Estate Journalist
I'm a regular contributor of residential real estate articles to this nationally recognized real estate news and information site.
Pitched, researched, developed and wrote multiple blog posts for the site.
CORT Furniture Rental
I researched and wrote regular blog posts for the site's blog following the companies brand standards and brief.
FlexShares ETFs
Regularly contribute wealth advisor business development blog content and white papers to this Northern Trust Bank brand.


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Wellesley College
BA--Political Science
Georgetown University
MPS'19--Corporate Communications


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