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I am Dana Vento, I live in Pittsburgh, PA. My passions are food, travel and fashion with a side of DIY!

  • Pittsburgh, PA, United States
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Dana V.
Pittsburgh, PA, United States



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I began writing my professional, iconic blog 6+ years ago, and have continued since. I have been a training manager, a chef, and a writer. I have been featured in Redbook, Real Simple and over 1000+ online publications for my DIY talent!

Work history

Shop n' Save
Online Spokesperson
talking groceries, coupons etc., online as filmed by PR for Shop 'n Save
Local Popsicle PopUp Party Spokesperson
Worked as local talent for POPSICLE, interacting with consumers at event and crafting DIY projects.
Gabriel Brother's
Media Rep
Worked at Grand opening of Gabe's announcing opening to local television stations and radio station.



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Industries I love

Advertising & Marketing Fashion Food Media Travel Animals & Pets

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Books, Magazines and blogs

Side projects

I have been a training manager, presentation manager, event planner, community planner, coach for hockey, coach for soccer and a parent! I have been a consultant for many Companies Social Media, teaching how to.....

Ideal team

A team of 10-15 where each person has a particular set of traits that can overlap & help you succeed & you help them succeed. The power of a ladder is only as good as the number of rungs that helps one another climb to the top, however: Solo Work is fine