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Content creator and features writer with outstanding creative instincts and a deep knowledge of SEO, content marketing and email outreach.

  • London, UK
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Daniel W.
London, UK



I have a background in writing, editing and developing feature films for directors including Steven Soderbergh and Michael Mann. I also create content and infographic concepts in finance and other commercial spheres - and conduct outreach campaigns.

Work history

Content Creator and Copywriter
I created the majority of the website's copy and its blog content. I have devised infographic concepts that have gone viral, generated a number of entertaining and technically on-point articles as well as leading several successful outreach campaigns
Content Creator and Copywriter
I re-wrote the majority of the site's copy and created a number of technical "how to" guides and manuals.
Freelance Screenwriting
I wrote a feature film, "In Sand and Blood", to be directed by Saul Dibb (The Duchess) and to be produced by Lawrence Bender (Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill) and Luc Roeg (We Need to Talk About Kevin)
Features Writer
I wrote a number of features on travel, television, fashion and technology.
Content Creation and Copywriting
I wrote an in-depth technical guide to maximising proficiency.
I wrote resort descriptions


Brewster's Billion.

I came up with 12 of the most outlandish ways to spend a billion pounds as an updated ode to the film, Brewster's Millions. Each of my spending ideas was accompanied by an illustration. I also created a competition inviting entrants to create their most inventive spends. The piece has 1.1K+ shares.

Capital Inflation: London's Most Iconic Buildings Made Inflatable

I came up with the concept of re-creating London's most famous buildings as inflatable versions of themselves with livened-up colour palettes. I worked very closely with an artist to realise the concept. I also estimated the cost of re-creating all of London in inflatable form.

10 Years of Moonlighting in The Connaught - London's Best Hotel.

An irreverent ode to my favourite London hotel, The Connaught.

Game of Drones - The Future of Drone Technology

An insightful and (hopefully) witty approach to a pervasive area of technology.

Wholesale re-write of the site's copy.

Refining the concept of the whole site and its diction.


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