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Danielle M.

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Brand + community hacker and early startup contributor (Etsy, BarkBox).

  • Los Angeles, CA, United States
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Danielle M.
Los Angeles, CA, United States

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I have extensive start-up experience, growing (and growing with) two successful start-ups, Etsy and BarkBox. I've run multiple social media channels, created video, blog and newsletter content for an audience of 1 million entrepreneurs.

CloudPeep clients

Trial of 5 Blog Posts
Aug 2016 to Jan 2017
Instagram community building
Aug 2015 to Sep 2015
Social Media and Content Management
Aug 2015 to Sep 2015
Twitter & Facebook Content Curation for Dog Lovers
Mar 2015 to Jul 2017
Marketing Assistant
Mar 2015 to Jun 2015

Work history

Seller Education Director
Early employee that managed teams and was integral to community building and education * Launched Etsy's mailing lists & social media channels * Built the Seller Education team, cultivated Etsy's community of serious creative entrepreneurs
Community and Charity Director
Early employee that launched four products at Bark & Co * BarkHappy, award-winning customer service team * BarkGood, innovative social good team * BarkBuddy, iOS app that was featured in the iTunes store the week it launched



community building affiliate marketing influencer outreach Product Management social media management social media strategy blogging HTML CSS


Adobe Creative Suite Wordpress Hootsuite Canva Mailchimp Constant Contact Instagram Twitter Facebook


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Industries I love

Animals & Pets Ecommerce Entertainment Media Philanthropy Social Enterprise Tech

What I read

I love podcasts. My favorites are Freakonomics, RadioLab, StartUp, Reply All, and Planet Money.

Side projects

I volunteer for a few animal rescues and run transport missions saving animals from kill shelters.

Ideal team

I love authentic, creative teams that need help scaling.