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Daniel M.

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8+ years professional writing/editing experience / 15+ years creative writing / Candidate for 2008 Elizabeth George Grant for Fiction

  • Topeka, KS, USA
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Daniel M.
Topeka, KS, USA



Since 2012, I've been a professional writer and editor for some of the largest English-language publication-based companies in South Korea. Now I'm a freelancer, aching to bring my skills to your table.

Work history

Sr. Writer, Associate Manager of Operations
Writer of assessments, articles, and other educational content; copy editor; project manager
Freelance Editor
Line and copy editor of comprehensive work-culture handbook
ECK Education
Freelance Writer, Editor, and Consultant
Writer and editor of professional assessments and legal documents; language consultant for promotional and other material
New Border Publishing for Avalon English
Sr. Writer and Editor, Associate Manager of Content Development
Writer and editor of textbooks (TOEFL and other), exams (standardized and other), workbooks, booklets, supplements, promotional material, and legal documents; researcher; translator; project manager


Atep 2016  advanced

Knead-to-Know: Test Passage for ATEP 2016, Advanced

This is a higher-level reading passage I wrote for a standardized exam in South Korea.

Atep 2016  intermediate

Renaissance Reads: Test Passage for ATEP 2016, Intermediate

This is one of the lower-level reading passages I wrote for a standardized exam in South Korea.

De extinction

Multiple Science Articles in One: 1,300 Words on De-extinction

This is an article I wrote for a debate textbook now being sold in South Korea. The debate textbook was an interesting project in that it demanded that we write in a peculiar multiple-essays-in-one style. Transitioning between wildly disparate ideas was the biggest challenge.


Promo and Supplement: Educational Poster

In my position as senior writer at Avalon, I was put in charge of writing all the copy for these promotional/supplemental posters we put out quarterly. This particular one is from spring 2017.


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