Daniel O.

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Live on Vancouver Island, extensive writing and editing education and experience, looking to expand portfolio and find consistent work.

  • Courtenay, BC, Canada
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Daniel O.
Courtenay, BC, Canada



Content Copywriting Email Public Relations



I worked at an online newspaper that didn't pay me while finishing my BFA. I finished the BFA last year and now want to put it to work. I've done a lot, a lot, of writing and editing but am yet to do it everyday in a professional context. Hence freelance.

Work history

Guardian Liberty Voice
Writer / Researcher
I researched and wrote two 500 word articles a day for 4 months before realizing I wasn't being paid. I just take the 171 articles now in my portfolio and call it a wash. Search Daniel O'Brien on their site and check me out!
Researcher / Editor
While involved in Portal, VIU's student magazine, I wrote blog posts to stir up interest in the magazine, researched similar publications looking for good ideas, and wrote a review of the novel "Half A King" that was featured in the 2015 issue.


Narwhal Tusk Function Debated

A news article written for Guardian Liberty Voice about what Narwhal tusks are for. Researched, written, and edited by myself.

Park Dragon

Creative writing story I wrote posted on my blog.



North Island College
Associate Degree in Creative Writing
Vancouver Island University
Bachelor of Fine Arts
North Island College
Applied Business Technology Certificate



copywriting writing Copyediting Research content creation content curation


Word Wordpress Adobe Photoshop


Not seeking work


  • Available weekends only


  • Can work 30hrs per week
  • Can commit to 6 months to 1 year


Industries I love

Consumer Products Gaming Music Science Tech

Ideal team

Ideally, someone will present me a goal to achieve. "Daniel," they'll say, "We need 1,000 words about the new LG bendable televisions by Thursday." "Right away, sir!" will be my response. Smaller teams are better for making sure everyone knows their roles