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Dan S.

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I make stuff on the Web. Filthy casual. Preoccupied with content, design, UX, giant robots. Definitely not a synth.

  • Providence, RI, United States
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Dan S.
Providence, RI, United States



I've been writing professionally for eight years. My previous clients include Expedia, ChildFund International, Hotwire, and Newegg, to name a few. I’ve written thousands of blog posts, news articles, white papers, landing pages, and emails.


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For work, I read a great deal of content marketing, conversion rate optimization, and general marketing blogs. For pleasure, I primarily read long-form narrative nonfiction. I do indulge myself in novels from time to time, though.

Side projects

My journalism and nonfiction has appeared in a range of publications, from national newspapers to small literary journals.