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Experienced researcher turned writer. Cloud computing, machine learning, security, biomedical, genetics, pharmaceuticals, data science

  • Portland, OR, USA
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Dan S.
Portland, OR, USA



Software architect, data scientist, and former research scientist working in genetics.

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DS Applied Technologies
Systems Architect & Research Scientist
Author of content marketing material in information technology areas, including cloud computing, information security, networking, and storage.
Author of articles and extended content on cloud computing, information security, and storage management.
Author of IT articles.


How smart contracts could be key to blockchain adoption in real estate

The real estate industry is constrained by arcane record-keeping practices, high transaction costs, and varying laws that slow the process of buying and selling real estate. Blockchain enables smart contracts, which ensure transaction possibility and legitimacy without human intervention.

AI’s increasing role in medical imaging

This article briefly describes why deep learning is such an effective tool for image analysis, why radiologists are adapting AI so quickly, and how AI-based diagnostics are deployed to support, not replace, the human radiologist.

Tackling those tough Internet of Things security issues

In order to mitigate risks and enjoy the benefits the IoT has to offer, Internet of Things security issues must be taken seriously. This presentation outlines the top five elements of IoT security, including IoT authentication and anomaly detection.

How do AWS configuration management tools work?

AWS configuration management is a two-phased process that involves defining and maintaining configuration scripts and then ensuring deployed resources are configured as expected. And AWS offers two specific tools to help with both phases of the management process.

Microservices architectures increase cloud and app efficiency

Microservices offer a number of advantages over traditional, monolithic applications. And when combined with cloud, those advantages are amplified.

Trade Secrets in the Age of Wikileaks and Cyber Industrial Espionage

Strategies for protecting intellectual property (IP) should include both legal measures and a comprehensive information security plan.


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