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Deborah Harmes, Ph.D.--Writer, Editor, Researcher | Medical & Psych, Social Issues, Aging, Wellness | Book Editor: Fiction & Non-Fiction.

  • Mohon, France
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Deborah H.
Mohon, France

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Research-based writing for think tanks, humanitarian agencies, NGOs, healthcare providers, corporations in Europe, Australia, &USA. Book editing incl. proofing/ghostwriting/rewriting non-fiction & fiction books. Arts, humanities, psychology degrees.

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Head of Research and Writing
As Head of Research, I wrote dozens of articles about (1) the emerging links between blockchain technology and humanitarian relief applications, (2) social issues, and (3) NGO activities past and present.


Essential Yet Elusive Sleep

Research into links between chronic insomnia and dementia, general ill health from sleep deprivation, how genetics factors into the mix, surprising results regarding brain plasticity in those with insomnia, and a sprinkling of personal anecdotes about sleeplessness.

Creating Digital Identity for Stateless Rohingya

An article that details how relief agencies are reconstructing essential personal information including a photographic ID, date & place of birth, education, & genetic background to assist in the validation of identity & eligibility for relief aid. This specifically discusses stateless Rohingya.

Medical Solutions Using Emerging Technology

This article describes the use of unmanned aerial drones for the (1) delivery of medical supplies and equipment in both remote locations & urban environments, (2) delivery of construction materials following a natural disaster, (3) rapid transfer of blood samples to labs, (4) aiding in firefighting.

New Ways To Create Transparency With Charitable Donations

Detailing the way charitable donations can be authenticated and reliably tracked through permanent blockchain records.

Facial Recognition From Multiple Sources

Details the rise of facial-recognition software around the world and discusses the implications.


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