Debra C.

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I'm Debra, a passionate marketing manager with 6+ years of experience in content marketing, SEO, and business development. Let's chat!

  • Nashville, TN, United States
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Debra C.
Nashville, TN, United States

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Social Media Content Strategy Copywriting SEO



I'm an experienced marketing manager with a content-focused skill set and more than 6 years in the field. I enjoy developing partnerships and opportunities for brands to collaborate. I'm a certified MailChimp Expert with extensive analytics experience.

Work history

Tork Media
Content Manager
Write and publish how-to guides and articles for Tork Media and Tork Media clients
PR & Communications Manager
Manage all aspects of LogoGarden's inbound and outbound marketing. Led social presence, subscriber list of more than 900,000, landed reviews on high-profile sites, and completed print publication copy for advertising and marketing materials.
Research and write posts for multiple verticals on, including Business, Small Business, Tech, Women, Comedy, Style, Home, and Lifestyles.
Conversational Receptionists
Marketing Director
From brand partnerships and content to newsletters and trade show planning, this position gave me the opportunity to put my diverse skill set to use. I managed every aspect of Conversational's marketing as well as a small, remote team of freelancers.


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Bachelor's Degree in Professional Studies: Healthcare Administration; Magna cum Laude graduate




Native or bilingual proficiency


email marketing content creation content strategy PR paid social promotion newsletters social media marketing partnerships B2B marketing SEO


Buffer Hootsuite Slack Mailchimp Evernote Google Analytics Audiense


Not seeking work


  • Available during business hours, evenings, and weekends


  • Can work 10hrs per week
  • Can commit to 3-6 months


Industries I love

Consumer Products Fashion Health & Wellness Kids & Parenting PR & Communications Professional Services Science Travel

What I read

Always keeping up with business/entrepreneurship related news, the latest in scientific discoveries and social media and marketing, and fashion. I read lots of books and even more poetry. I'm a writer, so I love to read others' writing.

Side projects

I'm really into science, especially Astrobiology. On clear nights, you can find me outside identifying constellations. I also love to make music. I sing, play guitar, a little piano, and (badly) play the drums. I created a newspaper column in 2012.

Ideal team

I'm an ENTP, so I'm skilled at seeing the big picture and identifying patterns. This makes me good at planning change and coming up with strategies. I love to lead, but just as much, I love to learn from others.