Delissa N.

  • Joined July 2015

Senior Executive Producer for TV and Online Content- passionate about storytelling, I fix scripts & content to engages on client's journey

  • London, UK
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Delissa N.
London, UK

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Executive Producer in tv programming for Sky, BBC, A&E, History Channel, Discovery. Now creating content for EYE - digital marketers. Scriptwriter, journalist, Writer, Editor, Blogger . I've worked with top talent in UK and won awards for documentary.

Work history

Development Consultnat
Developing an epic history series
Executive Producer
executive producing prestigious history series including Matt Damon's The People Speak alongside Colin Firth


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  • Available during business hours, evenings, and weekends


What I read

loadsostuff on digital marketing, I read blogs - listen to podcasts and keep up with strategists ie
I read history books, classic and modern english literature and poetry

Side projects

I;ve created 50 television programmes, some of which won awards,
A history book on WW2 and a women's magazine. contributing opinion to industry magazine (Broadcast) lecturing at media events,