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Dinah R.

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Passionate Nerd | Community Manager & Social Media Consultant | Lifestyle, Tea, & Adventure Blogger

  • Chico, CA, United States
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Dinah R.
Chico, CA, United States

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Content Social Media Community Growth Paid Advertising



With a background in Customer Service & Copywriting, I offer full service Social Profile & Community Management for everything from local, small businesses with a minimal budget to international brands with a large monthly budget.

CloudPeep clients

Social Media/Community Manager for OfficeNinjas, SF Bay Area Startup
May 2015 to Feb 2016

Work history

Social Media Specialist
I managed the Social Media profiles and accounts for a number of clients ranging from national chains to local businesses. In addition to monthly calendars, I pitched, planned, and pulled-off various social campaigns and contests for clients.
Social Media Specialist & Copywriter
Everything from creating and curating social content for domestic and international brands to writing how-to content and orchestrating successful, large-scale contests across the brand's social and website.
Community Manager
Building community via social media and through helping create and run the OfficeNinjas Ambassador Program. As the Program Lead, I've helped build a highly engaged, interactive group of loyalists associated with the brand.


Full Portfolio on Site

View my full portfolio on my personal site.

OfficeNinjas Ambassador Program

As the Program Lead (Ambassador-in-Chief), I send weekly email updates to all members, organize the 50+ Ambassadors, and run the private Facebook group, encouraging discussions on weekly themes and open conversation in a safe environment.

Writer & Copywriter

Articles written on a variety of topics for multiple clients.

Graphic Design

Using Photoshop and free online tools, I've designed everything from motivational quote images to full contest artwork.

A Chomp at Life | Personal Tea, Lifestyle, and Adventure Blog

I encourage people to pursue adventure in their lives and to see the big picture while still taking time to understand the intricacies of something as fascinating and amazing as tea. I love breaking down the details of the various teas and explaining them in understandable and fun way.



data analysis graphic design content creation content curation social media strategy paid social promotion community ambassador programs community management HTML campaign building


Buffer Adobe Photoshop CoSchedule Pocket Feedly Microsoft Office Google Drive Google Analytics Hootsuite Sprout Social Asana Trello Slack Mixmax


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  • Available during business hours and evenings


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Industries I love

Advertising & Marketing Education Entertainment Media PR & Communications Philanthropy Science Travel Events Tech

What I read

For Work: How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Way We're Working Isn't Working, Drive, Reinventing Organizations
For Pleasure: Harry Potter series, Jane Austen novels, A Song of Ice and Fire series, Outlander series, & so much more!

Side projects

My personal blog, A Chomp at Life, gives me an outlet to share my love of tea, travel, and adventure with the world!

In my free time, I'm also an Assistant Guild Master in my Renaissance Faire Guild - a group re-enacting 80 Years War period Scots.

Ideal team

Above all else, I'm always looking for a solid culture fit. I love an open-minded environment that values communication & transparency. Where the culture matches, the industry matters less.