Elise W.

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Sydney girl living in New York. Planner, researcher, editor, content creator, everything bagel lover, Irish dance teacher.

  • New York, United States
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Elise W.
New York, United States



I was a strategy lead at a major publishing house for 5 years, moved over to an ad agency to work in social media full time, have been consulting for the last 2 years while I wrote a book about Irish dancing.


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What I read

Classics, psychology books, chick lit, biographies, advice books - my bookshelf is very eclectic (and a bit pink, from the chick lit)

Side projects

I teach Irish dancing, I write a blog about Irish dancing, I run an online store selling Irish dancing merchandise. Outside dance, I enjoy walking around New York City taking photographs, eating out, playing pool, baking, and painting.